Bookable in advance

For those in need of detoxification at the cellular level, nutritional guidance and overall emotional and physical balance, performed by our very own doctor of naturopathic medicine, Marius Grecu.

Available as a private consultation, please call for more information on (304)-536-2222

What to expect

During the consultation expect to go over the current lifestyle to determine where changes may be necessary in order to achieve what is best for your body and mind. Guidance may be given not only in the form of dietary changes but also recommendations about nutritional supplements, medicinal plants, hydration, stretching, movement or breathing exercises as well as meditation. The emotional side is as important as the physical and to allow the body to heal itself, emotional blockages need to be addressed as well.

Programs and conditioning that we have accumulated in our lives are often the cause of limitations and stagnation physically and mentally.

The purpose of these changes is to achieve a state of harmony and balance between body, mind and soul.

Please allow apx one hour for the session. This is a customized session and in-depth conversation is necessary to determine where improvements need to happen.

The consultation is offered complementary for all who purchase a starter health package which is designed to give the body all the essentials nutrients necessary for cellular regeneration, optimize digestion for better assimilation and balance the microbiome. Other products may be recommended based on the individual needs.

Available as a private consultation, please call for more information on (304)-536-2222